ESG approach

Responsible investment in collective fund management

The ESG management process All Richelieu Gestion funds are Article 8 SFDR(1). At least 90% of the investment excluding money market/cash will be carried out on supports that are described as “ESG” according to our approach.

A mandate that supports the ESG transition

Resulting from the same process as for collective fund management, our management mandates support the ESG transition. The objective of the mandates is to reconcile sustainable investments and long-term performance according to different management profiles.

What are our ESG selection criteria in Discretionay management?

Extra-financial analysis is fully integrated into the investment process of all the funds in the Richelieu Gestion range. It is a structuring factor in the selection of the stocks that make up the portfolios. All Richelieu Gestion’s funds are classified as Article 8, in accordance with the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).

For the direct securities part, the investment universe is reduced by excluding issuers on the basis of extra-financial criteria provided by Vigeo Eiris, a specialized third-party service provider. With the “Best in Class” approach, which retains the best players in each sector, we retain 80% of issuers with the best ESG rating, excluding the 20% of issuers with the lowest rating.


1st quarter of 2022

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