Our offer

Our investment strategies revolve around three offers


An allocation consisting mainly of UCIs of the Richelieu Group, supplemented by Trackers/ETFs, as part of our “ESG impulse” approach (1) (starting 125 000 euros)


A concentrate of all our expertise in terms of allocation and choice of support broken down according to different risk profiles, as part of our “ESG Impulse” (1) approach (from 500,000 euros)


Bespoke management in order to meet the main expectations of the most demanding clients (starting
1 million euros).

(1) Richelieu Gestion’s “ESG Impulse” approach is characterized by an ESG indicator, percentage of the mandate in UCIs or Trackers / ETFs integrating ESG criteria into their investment process. This indicator is not fixed and is intended to rise over time.

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