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Richelieu Global Innovation is a global equity fund seeking to select companies from all sectors whose innovation is at the heart of their business model. Innovation is defined as the process that an individual or organization undertakes to conceptualize new products, processes and ideas, or to address existing products, processes and ideas. Asset allocation is done between geographies and types of innovation:

  • The geographical distribution is defined according to the expectations of the economic cycle, changes in monetary policy, demographic dynamics and budgetary decisions in each of the three zones (North America, Rest of the world and Europe);
  • According to different cycles, two types of innovations prevail in the selection of companies. First of all, product innovation includes companies offering significant changes in the design of goods or services. Then, process innovation includes companies focusing on the efficiency of their processes (development, production, logistics, decision-making, etc.).

Richelieu Global Innovation is co-managed by Eric LAFRENIERE, manager of the Richelieu America fund and David AUTIN, manager of the Richelieu Pragma Europe funds and co-manager of Richelieu CityZen, accompanied by analyst Nadim El-Khalil.

Performances at 05-12-2023

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

NAV86100 €
Overall net assets9977703 €
1 year performance+0,09%+10,56%
3 years performance-+38,85%
5 years performance--
10 years performance--
Volatility 1 year
Performance since origin * (see features)
Benchmark **-
Annualized performance *
1 year performance+0,09%+10,21%
3 years performance-+11,55%
5 years performance--
Performance since origin-7,80%-

* Figures quoted relate to past years. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Sources: internal and Europerformance.

** The reference indicator was, until 31/12/2021, the STOXX USA 500 NR. It has since been replaced by the Bloomberg United States Large & Mid Cap NR Index (dividends reinvested USN Index).


Eric Lafrenière and David AUTIN


  • Management commentary
  • Annual report


AMF Classification : International Equities
ISIN Code : FR0014006SU1
PEA : Non
SFDR : Article 8
Date of origin* : January 31, 2022
Benchmark :
Bloomberg World Large & Mid Cap NR Index (dividendes réinvestis)
Recommended investment period :
> 5 years

Risk and return profile


Low risk Yield potentially weaker

High risk, Yield potentially higher

The risk indicator assumes that you keep the product for 5 years. The actual risk may be very different if you exit before maturity, and you may get less in return. The synthetic risk indicator makes it possible to assess the level of risk of this product compared to others. It indicates the likelihood of this product incurring losses in the event of market movements or our inability to pay you. We have classified this product in risk class 5 out of 7, which is a risk class between medium and high. In other words, the potential losses related to the future results of the product are between medium and high and, if the situation were to deteriorate on the markets, it is likely that the sub-fund’s ability to pay you will be affected. As this product does not provide protection against the vagaries of the market, you could lose all or part of your investment.

The significant risks for the UCITS that are not sufficiently taken into account by the indicator are:

Credit risk : It represents, for negotiable bonds or debt securities and money market instruments, the risk of a sudden deterioration in the creditworthiness of an issuer or that of its default.

Liquidity risk : risk related to the share of investments made in financial instruments that may present by nature and/or under certain circumstances a relatively low level of liquidity.

Risk related to financial futures : risk linked to variations in the prices of forward financial instruments and to a downward or upward amplification effect of market movements.

Counterparty risk : risk of non-payment of a flow (or commitment) due by a counterparty with which positions have been exchanged and commitments signed.

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