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The new Richelieu Gestion

The portfolio management company has undergone an in-depth transformation that began at the end of 2018, following its change of shareholder and governance

The structure is now based on two pillars: collective portfolio management and delegated discretionary management. In collective portfolio management, the offer has been redefined in depth, the range narrowed, with 6 funds offered at the end of 2021, to which two new strategies will be added in the months to come. European equities constitute the company’s historical expertise, broken down into different areas: all-cap management with Richelieu Pragma Europe, a multi-thematic offer with Richelieu CityZen, a fund specializing in listed family businesses of small and mid-caps with Richelieu Family SmallCap. Beyond Europe, our strategic goal to internationalize our management offer resulted in the creation of the Richelieu America ESG fund in December 2019. Alongside equity expertise, two areas of expertise have been reorganized: the management of risk-driven asset allocation funds, with the Richelieu Harmonies ESG fund, which deploys a defensive strategy on a global investment universe. Interest rate management, now focused on the Richelieu Obligations Court Terme fund.

The six funds proposed each have a size close to or greater than 100 million euros.

Delegated discretionary management mandate, the second pillar of Richelieu Gestion, offers investment solutions intended for the clients of savings professionals, whether they are wealth management consultants, family offices, insurance companies, private banks (starting with Banque Richelieu France), as well as direct financial institutions.

Our offer covers a very wide spectrum of managed assets, through securities accounts deposited with different account holders, French and Luxembourg life insurance contracts, according to a profiled and tailored management in open architecture using various types of financial instruments.

Richelieu Gestion now manages nearly €900 million in assets, compared with €400 million at the end of 2018, enabling it to approach its continued redeployment and growth with ambition.

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