Development in progress

Beyond a search for performance framed by risk management in interaction and closer to the operational, two major axes underlie our current developments:

The internationalization of our management, driven by the conviction that relevant and diversified management must go beyond the European investment universe, took a first step at the end of 2019 with the creation of a fund on North American equities, Richelieu America.

Two new funds, in the process of being created, will reinforce this dimension in the first months of 2022.

In discretionary management, the share devoted to international allocation, outside Europe, continues to grow, reaching 50% as of January 2022.

Another essential subject for Richelieu Gestion is the sustainable and responsible commitment, which is now fully integrated into the processes of our collective portfolio management and discretionary management. Richelieu Gestion set up a dedicated unit in 2021 to accelerate the ramp-up on all of this essential issues.

In collective fund management, our entire offer structurally integrates ESG criteria into its investment processes (Range RG 100% Article 8 – SFDR)

In discretionary management, the “ESG intensity coefficient” of portfolios under management is well above 50% for all strategies, the objective being to reach 90% as standard during the course of the year 2022.

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